Prana by Atzaró’s Wonderful People

Prana by Atzaró’s exclusive experience has to be largely credited to the 18 man crew of Westerners and Indonesians, who take great pride in performing their duties with great attention to detail.

Our international team facilitates the smooth flow of pleasurable activities and ensure your comfort and safety at all times. Prana´s 18 strong crew is made up of Indonesian and European members. This includes a European Cruise Director and Dive Instructor while the Indonesians make up the Captain, the 1st Mate, the 2nd Mate, the Chief Engineer, 2 Assistant Engineers, the Chef, the Assistant Chef, the Chief Steward, 2 Stewards, 3 Deckhands and 2 Masseuses.

On-board Prana by Atzaró, our crew works as a finely tuned team to make sure that your every need is tended to. This may include setting up water sports and diving equipment or accompanying the tenders to the beach and setting up a BBQ. Our lovely housekeeping team make sure the cabins and communal areas are fresh and clean and that all your laundry is attended to. Our job is to make sure you enjoy this unique experience.