Diving & Activities

Explore the Indonesian archipelago and experience another paradise world beneath the surface, on remote island tops, or on coral-lined beaches, with the best diving and activities on the globe

Prana by Atzaró offers an exclusive and opulent yachting experience that promises to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or an extended maritime adventure, the yacht provides a range of exceptional diving and activities to cater to your desires. As you step on board, you’ll be welcomed by a professional and attentive crew who will ensure your every need is met, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey. For those with an adventurous spirit, the yacht offers a variety of water sports, including snorkelling and paddleboarding, allowing you to explore vibrant underwater worlds and crystal-clear waters.

Awaken the senses with an array of activities to enjoy whilst cruising the pristine eastern Indonesian islands. Adore some of the best diving in the region and feel the spirit of adventure climbing to mountain tops. When it comes to water and island diving and activities with Prana by Atzaró, the possibilities are as diverse as the seas you’ll explore. The yacht provides a gateway to pristine coastlines and hidden island gems, offering a range of experiences to satisfy every adventurer’s heart, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the destinations you visit.

Prana by Atzaró voyages to some of the best diving locations in Indonesia, for those wishing to discover another world beneath the surface. Komodo National Park, The Spice Islands and Raja Ampat offer dreamlike diving experiences. Each destination has its unique charm, from crystal-clear waters to historical significance,  and unparalleled marine biodiversity.

Komodo is famous for its strong currents, which bring nutrient-rich waters to the region. These currents support an incredible array of marine life, from vibrant coral reefs to schools of fish and pelagic species. The park is particularly known for its encounters with sharks and manta rays.

The waters around the Spice Islands reveal a mix of coral gardens, and unique creatures. The region is known for its impressive coral diversity, which makes it an excellent spot for photography. Diving in the Spice Islands is a journey back in time, where you can immerse yourself in both the rich history and vibrant marine ecosystems.

The underwater landscapes in Raja Ampat are as diverse as the marine life, with diving sites offering the chance to spot rare critters, and vibrant coral gardens showcasing stunning reefs. The region’s remoteness has helped preserve its pristine condition, making it a bucket-list destination for divers and marine biologists alike.

The crystal-clear waters surrounding Prana by Atzaró are your playground for water sports. Snorkelling allows you to venture beneath the surface and discover vibrant marine life, from colourful coral reefs to exotic fish. Paddleboarding provides a tranquil way to glide over the calm, offering breathtaking views of the coastal landscapes. When anchored near captivating islands, you can embark on excursions to explore lush landscapes, visit secluded beaches, and engage with local culture. The crew can assist in organising island activities, ensuring that your time ashore is as enchanting as your marine experience.

Whether your favourite is diving, scuba, trekking, bird watching or kayaking and paddle boarding, the unique itineraries allow for your every adventurous desire to be met. Choosing to explore underwater wonders or remote islands, Prana by Atzaró ensures you have access to an array of diving and activities that will leave you with cherished memories of your sailing journey.


Immerse yourself in a remarkable parallel universe beneath the undulating waves. The secrets of endless species of both coral and fish are just waiting to be discovered. The experienced dive instructor will guide you to some of the most immaculate reefs on earth.


The wind is really the life force of this wonderful yacht. This majestic Phinisi is best appreciated when her sails are catching the trade winds and she is effortlessly gliding through the ocean. The able crew loves to give their passengers the full effect of this experience.

Water Skiing

Feel the need for speed and up the ante with an afternoon cutting through the surf on water skis. There are many secluded bays with calm waters where our tenders can zoom you through the surf. Feel the buzz of pure adrenaline on a crystalline sea.


Try this combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing for a new way to enjoy the ocean. This thrilling freestyle sport is specially designed so boarders can pull aerial tricks as they are launched off the crests of the waves.


Shallow fields of colourful coral filled with spectacular marine life offer guests access to some of the best snorkelling the world. Watch clownfish dance around sea anemones and shoals of synchronised angelfish dart past.

Sea Kayaking

Glide silently through the water on the edge of jungle-spilling islands and experience the raw and hushed beauty of this wilderness. A maze of islets, peninsulas, bays and inlets pepper your route and are suitable for all skill and fitness levels.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is an easy-to-learn way of getting out and exploring the magnificent mangroves and sheltered inlets that Prana by Atzaró passes through. Skim silently across the water and discover the plentiful wildlife on these unspoilt coastlines with minimal disruption.


Prana by Atzaró carries a selection of fishing equipment suited for use in the waters here. There are some exceptional opportunities for keen fishermen to enjoy the thrill of the chase and hook species not found elsewhere.

Towable Floats

Bob over the turquoise waves on the towable floats, great to hang out on or be towed through the surf. Effortless thrills and lots of laughs to be had with this for guests of all ages.

Trekking Back in Time

All of Prana by Atzaró’s destinations are engrained with a rich tribal and colonial history. Whether you are traversing ancient volcanos, spotting deer amidst prehistoric jungles, or admiring traditional handicrafts the team blend travel, history, and adventure in perfect harmony.

Fine Dining on the Beach

The Prana by Atzaró team take great pride in creating unforgettable experiences for guests. One of the many ways this is done is with the fine dining experiences. The chef uses organic produce and crafts it into Western and Asian Fusion dishes served on white sandy beaches as the sun sets.

Mysterious Birds

The Spice Islands boast a spectacular selection of birdlife and have upwards of 80 species which are endemic to this region. This group of islands, is still as yet, relatively undiscovered by ornithologists and birders so much so that many species are scarcely recognised.