Kim Kardashian Loves Prana by Atzaro

Kim Kardashian cruised onboard Prana by Atzaro and loved it so much she let herself go.

Onboard with the Kardashian family, filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the normally perfectly presented Kim fell in love with the spirit of the experience. She relaxed and let herself go so much she fearlessly jumped from the luxury authentic phinisi yacht’s bow-sprit into the tranquil waters below carefree and full of joy.

She loved it so much, she did it twice.

See Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian family cruising Indonesian paradise seas with Prana by Atzaro on Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Series 16, Episode 3 ‘Eat, Pray, Fight’

Kim loved Prana by Atzaro and took time to soak up the luxuriated atmosphere, relaxing on the numerous decks and 900 sqm of living space.

Kim Kardashian felt free whilst cruising the paradise islands of Komodo National Park aboard Prana by Atzaro. The Kardashian family enjoying the biggest and most luxurious phinisi yacht in the world, she made the most of her chosen family holiday, enjoying private heart-lifted moments on the bow.

Prana by Atzaro was picture perfect for Kim and the many photogenic spaces onboard provided the perfect backdrop for filming, photos and of course her private Instagram too.

The secret island visit was perfect for peaceful moments and more photo-ops and Instagram shots.

Discover what Kim Kardashian loves about Prana by Atzaro and cruise the paradise Indonesian seas of Komodo National Park, the Spice Islands and Raja Ampat onboard the yacht of dreams.

Prana by Atzaro is the biggest and most luxurious phinisi yacht in the world, sailing the paradise seas of Indonesia. A unique experience, exploring some of the last untouched paradises on earth, you will travel in utmost luxury on-board whilst enjoying discovery, adventure, quality, service, spectacular diving, fine dining, spa, relaxation and more.

Everyone is talking about Prana by Atzaro, the world’s biggest and most luxurious Phinisi yacht and must-do luxury travel experience. It is loved by the world’s leading press and media, so discover what they have to say here.

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