Ethereal Scenery

Over 20 islands reveal a long list of splendours from vividly-coloured lakes and sulphur-spewing active volcanos to the inimitable, ancient tribal cultures. This is a real adventure to the edge of civilisation and the outer expanses of the Ring of Fire characterised by unbelievable marine life and flawless beaches.

The spiritual home of the Phinisi is to be found within this archipelago, so it is fitting Prana should cut a path through these glittering waters. Descendants of the famed Bugis fishermen, whose craftsmanship and skill gave birth to the boat’s design, inhabit this region and the seafaring way of life is still practised by the people of Maumere in particular.

Mother Nature offers up her own range of glories including a myriad of phenomenal diving and snorkelling opportunities with acres of coral gardens, azure waters and clouds of colourful fish. She shows off her power too at Batu Komba, an active volcano, that regularly spews ash and lava into the sky.

Another iconic image from this area is the mysterious, often vividly-coloured lakes which are constantly in flux, changing colour according to their oxidisation and mineral content.