Spectacular Historical Sites

The Banda Islands, also called the Spice Islands are so remote only the most intrepid travellers visit their vast treasure trove of wonders. Gasp at the rich colonial architecture of Banda Besar, hike up Mount Api, race the locals in their boats, spot whales and dolphins and dive pristine coral reefs thronging with marine life.

This region of Indonesia is the stuff of legend and features in many traditional and modern books, stories and songs. There are perfect sunrises in front of the volcano and mellow sunsets with cocktails served on snowy white beaches framed by untouched rainforest.

There are as many enchantments below the water as there are above and vast shelves of coral plummet into the deep blue ocean providing one of the most biodiverse seascapes in the world.

Originally famous for their production of nutmeg, cloves and mace, this cluster of islands was a sought-after jewel in the European colonial crown of the 16th century. However, when the island’s monopoly on this commodity ended in the 18th century, the region faded into gentle obscurity.