Alor – Maumere

The ethereal scenery of the more than twenty islands between Alor and Maumere reveal a long list of splendours from vividly coloured lakes and sulphur-spewing active volcanos to inimitable ancient tribal cultures

The Alor to Maumere voyage is a real adventure to the edge of civilisation and the outer expanses of the Ring of Fire characterised by unbelievable marine life and flawless beaches.

The spiritual home of the Phinisi is to be found within this archipelago, so it is fitting Prana by Atzaró should cut a path through these glittering waters. Descendants of the famed Bugis fishermen, whose craftsmanship and skill gave birth to the phinisi design, inhabit this region and the seafaring way of life is still practised by the people of Maumere in particular. Mother Nature offers up her own range of glories including a myriad of phenomenal diving and snorkelling opportunities with acres of coral gardens, azure waters and clouds of colourful fish. She shows off her power too at Batu Komba, an active volcano, that regularly spews ash and lava into the sky.

Rare jewels of this area are the mysterious, often vividly coloured, lakes which are constantly in flux, changing colour according to their oxidisation and mineral content.

Voyage the home of the phinisi’s story aboard Prana by Atzaró, the most luxurious reincarnation of the traditional seafaring ship.


Explore the islands around the bay of Maumere which are still home to the descendants of the Bugis fisherman who are hailed as the creators of the Phinisi. As well as being of cultural interest, this island has gorgeous deserted beaches and tranquil coves perfect for diving or water sports

Perfect Beaches & Bats

The beautiful island of Riung has immaculate white beaches and turquoise waters which wash gently over acres of coral. As the sun sets, witness the unforgettable natural spectacle of thousands of fruit bats taking to the skies to hunt for the night.

Sunrise at Kelimutu

Guests rise at 4am to hike to the multicoloured craters and watch the sunrise over the infamous volcano known as Kelimutu. The colours in the lakes change depending on the volcanic activity and variations in the mineral content, they can light up red, brown, maroon, milky turquoise or bright green.

Fire & Ash

Batu Tara is an active volcano on the island of Pulau Komba. Arriving at sunset to marvel at the sheer power of Mother Nature as she bellows ash and lava into the sky. Guests are served sunset cocktails at a safe distance as the lava trickles down into the sizzling sea.

Tribal Dances

Step back in time on the island of Alor, where the inhabitants carry on life in much the same way they did thousands of years ago. Watch the artisan ikat-weavers and visit a tribal village where you will be regaled with traditional songs and taught the lego-lego dance of brotherhood and community.

Volcanic Ocean Vents

Experience the unique sensation of swimming through the warm and then cold sea as you pass underwater volcanic vents. Drift snorkel past white-tipped reef sharks, turtles, boxfish and barracuda.

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