Labuan Bajo – Bima

Experience a unique sea safari, cruising the paradise Indonesian islands and enjoy natural wonders with rare wildlife highlights

The voyage from Luan Bajo to Bima is a unique experience, taking in some of the wonders of Komodo National Park and a couple of the most impressive and rare animals living in this iconic part of the Indonesian archipelago along the way.

Komodo National Park is a mystical-looking collection of islands sat in the ocean like enormous Jurassic reptiles and home to the legendry Komodo Dragons, the only place this majestic creature is found in the wild.

Rolling savannahs, arid in the summer and bursting with life in the winter, deserted beaches of white and pink, mountainous outcrops and ancient volcanoes wait to be discovered. Lakes, waterfalls and turquoise seas teem with life, of more species than of any other place on the planet, with scuba diving some of the best in the world. Explore magical coral gardens, an incredible variety of marine fauna, including majestic Manta Rays and turtles.

Gliding through the paradise islands of Rinca, Kalong, Padar, Nusar Kode, Pengah Kecil, Siaba Besar, Sebayor, Makassar Reef, Gili Lawa Darat, Sangeang, Moyo, Tanjung Pasir, Manangis, Saleh Bay and Satonda for eleven days, you enjoy the ultimate in bespoke nature-connected luxury travel. Experience everything from morning hikes with mountain-top panoramic views, Komodo dragons, buffalo and bats at sunset. Spend afternoons sunbathing on spectacular pink beaches and snorkelling pristine rich corals, caves and waters. Kayaking and paddle boarding bring a sense of freedom and adventure, whilst ‘turtle city’ is something to behold and dinner on a deserted island beach with full service set up is a real luxury.

Reaching the Eastern coast of Sumbawa, a main highlight of the voyage of discovery is wonderous snorkelling amongst the rare Whale sharks. Watch the underwater ballet of the gentle giants twirling and displaying their majesty from the comfort of the warm Indonesian waters.

Komodo Dragons

A once in a lifetime encounter with the fabled Komodo Dragons in their stunning natural habitat is the highlight of  this voyage. Spend the morning with one of the park rangers whose knowledge and passion will give you a new appreciation of this mysterious creature.

Whale Sharks

Indonesia is a hotspot for diving and snorkelling with Whale sharks. Encounter these gentle giants on this nature-rich voyage. Enjoy their grace and majesty close up and personal.

Turtle City

Siaba Beasar, also known as ‘Turtle City’, is nature’s wildlife at its best. The area rich with many native turtles, including giant trevally, great and black-tail barracuda.

Sunset Bats

There is more wildlife attraction along the way voyaging Indonesian islands. Be wowed at sunset by thousands of fruit bats that roost in the mangroves during the day and come out to play at night.

Pink Beach

The Komodo Pink Beach was created by substantial amounts of red organ pipe coral being washed up and mixing with the white sand, it is a natural wonder to behold. The pink beach is a must-do. The surrounding underwater gardens make for excellent snorkelling.


The mostly uninhabited Moyo island is an Indonesian treasure nature reserve rich in wildlife. The lush forests and tropical waterfalls are island features a must for paradise seeking voyagers.

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