What makes Prana by Atzaró the biggest and most luxurious phinisi yacht in the world ?

Luxury Yacht Prana by Atzaro

Prana by Atzaró is considered one of the biggest and most luxurious phinisi yachts in the world. Phinisi yachts are a traditional Indonesian design, constructed using age-old methods that combine with contemporary luxury to offer unique sailing experiences.

Here’s why Prana by Atzaró stands out:

Prana by Atzaró is the largest phinisi yachts ever built, 55 metres in length and with 900sqm of usable space. It is crafted out of ironwood and teak, which are not only sturdy but also give the vessel a timeless beauty.

Design & Craftsmanship
Every detail of Prana by Atzaró is meticulously designed. The craftsmanship follows traditional Indonesian boat-building techniques while integrating luxury interiors and modern amenities, making it a blend of tradition and luxury.

Luxurious Amenities
The yacht offers a variety of amenities that cater to luxury travellers, including 9 spacious suites, multiple decks for lounging, an outdoor cinema, a yoga terrace, spa treatments, and top-of-the-line diving equipment.

Experience & Service
Beyond the physical attributes of the yacht itself, Prana by Atzaró provides impeccable service. With a dedicated crew, guests are treated to a high level of hospitality, gourmet dining, and tailored experiences, both onboard and during off-board excursions.

Destination & Journey
The routes and destinations that Prana by Atzaró sails to are equally luxurious and exotic. Exploring the pristine waters of Indonesia in places such as the Komodo National Park, the Spice Islands and Raja Ampat, onboard such a vessel makes the experience even more memorable.

Eco-friendly considerations
Prana by Atzaró integrates eco-friendly practices to lessen it’s environmental impact, which can be a factor in the luxury appeal.

Unique Features
Features such as spa treatments, yoga sessions, fine dining experiences, beach barbeques, and curated onshore excursions add to its allure and luxury.

Prana by Atzaró combines size, design, service, and experience to stand out as one of the top choices in the realm of luxury yachting in Indonesia.