Komodo National Park

Enjoy the best world class diving and immerse yourself in this Indonesian paradise with stunning pink beaches, clouds of multi-coloured fish, sunsets thronging with bats and the legendary Komodo Dragons

This incredible chain of islands’ landscape is peppered with grassland and thorny greenery which contrasts beautifully with the turquoise ocean and dazzling white sands. Komodo National Park is made up of the three large islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar, plus a few smaller islets. In 1986, Komodo National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site resulting in more than 2000 square kilometres of wildlife being protected.

Aboard your Komodo liveaboard enjoy spectacular Komodo island views with its dramatic rugged mountains and wonderous pink sands. Be wowed by the national park’s mid-ocean white-sanded islets, vast coral beds and the brightest of clear blue seas.

Rise before dawn and visit the park with a wildlife ranger who takes you on an early-morning safari to see the planet’s largest lizards, the famous Komodo Dragons. Approximately 5700 of these creatures wander the island freely, while other animals in the roaming include wild boar, water buffalos, deer, horses, snakes and monkeys. Hike across interiors and to mountain tops taking in spectacular views, enjoy romantic cocktails on idyllic white sandy beaches, or venture beneath the waves and experience some of the best diving and snorkelling in the world.

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Komodo National Park

National Geographic magazine touted Komodo National Park as one of their Top Ten Destinations in the World. Not only is it the only place you can see dragons in the wild, it is also a location blessed with idyllic beaches, contrasting landscapes and exceptional marine diversity.

Dragon Spotting

A once in a lifetime encounter with the fabled Komodo dragon in its stunning natural habitat is the highlight of many people’s voyage. Spend the morning with one of the park rangers whose knowledge and passion will give you a new appreciation of this mysterious creature.

Sunset with bats

Don’t think the Komodo dragons are the only attraction here, nearby the island of Pulau Kalong hides away thousands of fruit bats that roost in the mangroves during the day. You will visit at sunset when the bats awake and take flight to hunt, blocking out the dipping orb of the sun.


Originally mariners found their way by following the map laid out in the heavens. Out in the wilderness of the ocean, with no light pollution, you can see the stars like you have never seen them before.


Pink Beach Wonder

The Pink Beach phenomenon is caused by the substantial amounts of red organ pipe coral being washed up and mixing with the white sand, it is a wonder to behold. The surrounding underwater gardens make for excellent snorkelling and enjoy with delicious lunchtime picnics or a barbeques under the stars.

Marine Life

The waters around Komodo National Park are packed with the promise of adventure whether you choose to dive or snorkel. Swim rugged coral reefs, float through caves and underwater canyons, gasp at turtles, Eagle Rays and reef sharks and watch kaleidoscopic walls of fish move in unison.

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