Raja Ampat

Yacht charter Raja Ampat is perfect for luxury island hopping surrounded by the most luminous turquoise waters  in one of the last paradises on earth

Rain forest clad islands, surrounded by luminous turquoise waters form one of the most remote and untouched paradise destinations left on earth for your yacht charter Raja Ampat.

The Raja Ampat Indonesia archipelago, off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea in West Papua, comprises of 1500 jungle-covered islands, cays, and shoals. The archipelago surrounds four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo and is renowned for its beaches and coral reefs rich with marine life. Ancient rock paintings and caves are on Misool Island, while the crimson bird of paradise lives on Waigeo Island.

Raja Ampat translates as the ‘Four Kings’. The region is tucked away in the heart of the Coral Triangle and has more than ten times the amount of hard coral species found in the Caribbean. It is hardly surprising that scientists have nicknamed it the ‘species factory’ and your  yacht charter Raja Ampat will reveal some of the best diving and snorkelling on earth.

With your yacht charter Raja Ampat, drop anchor and roam the limestone peaks of Wayag, the poster child of this region, trying to spot rare birds of paradise. Kayak cays and shoals with rain forest islets above and observe nature in awe. Experience the best diving in Indonesia amongst the Raja Ampat islands meeting Manta Rays and another world spectacular and full of life beneath the surface. Later, dine in style roaring-bonfire-side on perfect white sandy beaches while billions of stars light up the sky. Paradise found with Prana by Atzaró.

Cross the Equator with Giant Manta Rays

Cross the equator underwater in Kawe and spend the day spotting giant manta rays. Here it really does not matter whether you choose to dive or snorkel, getting up close to these graceful creatures is simply unforgettable.

Emeralds in a Cerulean Sea

Pulu Wayag is a scattering of conically-shaped islands ringed by sapphire waters dissipating into rich blues and turquoise. This iconic image of Raja Ampat is notoriously difficult to get to. This spectacular wilderness is best appreciated by trekking to the top of one of the limestone outcrops and gazing out at the surreal views.

Village Life on the Island of Arborek

The people of this island are exceptionally welcoming and are well-known for their industrious creation of handicrafts from the leaves of Sea Pandan. After a visit, you can cool off by jumping off the pier, where you are immediately engulfed in a myriad of colourful Gregorian fan coral.

Record-Breaking Diving in Cape Kri

This record-breaking dive site is famed for the most species seen on a single dive. Try to beat Dr Gerry Allen’s record while spotting barracudas and snappers hanging over the drop-off, stalking the blacktip reef sharks patrolling the brightly-coloured coral gardens, or catch a glimpse of a pygmy seahorse.

Prehistoric Paintings at Pulau Pef

A gorgeous group of islands dripping in rainforest, wild orchids and rare birds. The best way to explore the crystal clear mangroves and lagoons is by sea kayak and the highlight of this thrilling day is a number of prehistoric paintings on the limestone cliffs.

Buried Treasure

The Atlas Pearl Farm at Alyui Bay is a far-flung yet immaculate location where some of the world’s best South Sea pearls are to be found. Tour the farm and learn more about these natural wonders. Loose pearls and jewellery make excellent keepsakes from this informative visit.

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